Update your Olympus Firmware with this online tool

0. Why is there such a tool?

This tool allows you to flash your desired firmware with a better method than provided by Olympus.
You download a firmware, transfer it to your SD-Card and just install it. EASY!.

1. Is this dangerous?

No it's not. If you follow the tutorial it's almost impossible to fail.
But nothing in life is 100% save.

2. Is my camera supported?

You can check if your camera is suported by searching the camera list here.
If can`t find your camera you can e-mail me here.

3. Is this legal?

Yes it is. 100%! There is no hacking going on. I only provide an online-tutorial.
The possibility to flash a firmware file was made all by Olympus and no one prohibits you to use this "feature".

4. Why does this work?

Olympus implemented this feature to allow their support team to flash new firmwares easily.
We just use this 'feature'.

5. Where is my most recent firmware?

If you think there is one let me know here.

6. Why should I use this?

If you have a slow internet connection another person can download the firmware for you.
The official Update Tool is not perfect at all and tends to take up to 1 hour.
I get tons of emails of people with broken cameras because of the official tool. It's more secure this way!