A little idea…

Another German student collected most of the information about the WiFi protocol here.

// 26.12.14 Screenshot with working livestream of the camera: pic-upload.de/…
Thank you for your feedback. Application is under development.

Why not develop an mobile or PC application, which can do some nice things like:

  • focus peaking
  • custom timers
  • time laps
  • interval shooting
  • motion detection?
  • voice recognition shooting
  • some sort of scripts
What I am talking about is, that we can access several features via WiFi:
  • exposure (& compensation)/ISO/shutter
  • auto focus
  • take videos/photos
  • white balance
  • live view
  • art filter
  • and more…

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9 thoughts on “A little idea…

  1. I would be interested for focus peaking, motion detection (JEY!), SOUND (!= voice) detection shooting and if possible, even some sort triggers when camera movement is small or when specific exposure value changes (like take a shot when the metered exposure is -1.5 EV from chosen settings).

    For Android #1 and could be 1,99-2,99€. Then for iOS for same price. No need for Windows Phone as I know only couple ones who have bought one (in Finland, Nokia home country) among photographers.

    The motion detection should be something where we can choose a detection box size (small, medium, large) and then move it around the view.

    The sound triggered could be something that sense chosen values from microphone.

    And if it would be possible to get camera chosen to record video or take photo, or photos (amount, FPS adjustable) when triggered, it would be awesome in wildlife photography. Stick camera example near bird nest and get it record video/take shots when mother fly on there or when little birds starts yelling for food.

    1. I know about it and refered to it in the past. But it's not open source and only reproduces the features of the app. It's not difficult to control the camera. I want to add features. Nevertheless since now is exam time here at my University things are slow now.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    the ressource on dev.0l.de isn't available at the moment. Do you have a copy of it?

    I just want to know which commands are possible. At the moment I have only an EM-5, waiting for the Mark II with wifi.

    1. It's working for me, but please reply again if that's still not the case for you.
      In general these things do work: focus point (no exact focus), apature, iso, shutter speed, live view, movie, zoom, mode dial, effects.