Olympus OM-D E-M1 Firmware 2.0 !

This is outdated. Please have a look here if you want to up/downgrade your camera.


General information

You can download and flash the new official firmware Olympus made now. The new firmware contains these new features:

  • Control your camera from your PC with a new Application Olympus will be available on the 15. September.
  • New art filters: vintage and partial color
  • Keystone feature (tilt/shift lens in the liveview)
  • New DoF lock setting
  • Power Zoom speed setting
  • New Olympus Image Share options (with an app update)
  • no new video features


How to install the firmware – New Tutorial

  1. Download the firmware: download link
  2. Create a folder called “DCOLYMP” on your SD-Card
  3. Rename the file to “E1092006.BIN” and put it inside the folder
  4. Put the SD-Card back into your camera and start it while pushing the OK button
  5. The red LED will go on. The screen should be totally black now.
  6. This should take around 1-2 minutes.
  7. The red LED is flashing now on and off. This means the process is finished.
  8. Wait a little longer (1-2 minutes) to be sure the firmware is completely flashed.
  9. Restart the camera.

How to install the firmware – Old Tutorial

  1. Download the firmware: download link
  2. Download my application “Firmware Control” in version 0.5 here
  3. Edit the “hosts” file inside the software
  4. Start the server and select the firmware you just downloaded
  5. Use the official Olympus Update Tool just like normal. More information here.

You are all done! Have fun with the firmware.


Is this save? Can this hurt my camera?
No, it will most likely not hurt your camera. This should be all save. Be aware of the risks, but don’t be scared. Nothing is hacked here. Nothing modified. You wont loose your warranty if anything goes wrong.

Is this allowed?
Yes it is. 100%.

Will I loose my warranty?
No you will not. But maybe you want to wait for any claims after the firmware if officially released to be save.

Is this an official update?
Yes it’s 100% official and made by Olympus itself. This firmware is not an development firmware, hacked or manipulated in any way. It is the original file Olympus will release at Photokina 2014.
Nabil Fathi confirmed it works: https://twitter.com/nabilfathi15
(we found each the firmware on ourselves)

Will Olympus know that I flashed it?
If you tell them or send them the camera before the firmware is released: Yes. Otherwise: No.
Even if you brick/break your camera with a firmware update, they will handle it as a normal defect.

I don’t like version 2.0 Can I downgrade?
Yes you can. Download the 1.4 firmware inside the application and flash it.

Other questions
Ask any other questions in the comments or you can contact me if you want.

Please consider to donate. 🙂 Have fun!

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25 thoughts on “Olympus OM-D E-M1 Firmware 2.0 !

  1. Great find. However, it's completely ridiculous that the idiots at Olympus have not added 25 fps video. The whole world uses PAL 25p/50i, except Japan and USA. Are the Olympus engineers on a remote island without communication to the outside world? Without contact with customers? Do they read websites?

  2. i edited host file, then i click on "flash a frimware (start server)" i select the downloaded bin file but
    server does not start what am i doing wrong?

    1. I'm using Win 8.1 64-bit and I have this problem. I've tried with both Python 2.6 and 2.7 installed, and neither works – some cmd window flashes briefly and the server doesn't start. What's the solution?

  3. Hallo , habe eben mit einem Profif. aus UK gesprochen, der die EM-1 mit allen neuen Videoformaten zum Testen hatte. Er war begeistert, fast so gut wie die GH4. Nur das Problem war, das nach 16 min Filmen in 4K das System sehr warm wurde und sich ausgeschaltet hat. Olympus hat das feature wohl aus Sicherheitsgründen raus genommen. Eigentlich hätte man(n) die Aufnahmezeit doch beschränken sollen. Naja, evtl. bekommst Du ja die TestFw. und wir können es dann aufspielen und die Filmzeit selbst beschränken.

    Viele Grüße
    EM-1 User

    1. We have shot E-M1 in 72° temperature for over an hour 1080p video with M-IS-On without problems. The sensor doesn't heat up by 4k either. We have tested 4k and no problems what so ever with heating.

  4. …noch ein Hinwies: Er sagt gerade, dass man wohl bei der EM-1 das Problem hat, dass der Chip nicht über eine dedizierte Kühlbrücke verfügt. Dies ist wohl bei der GH4 so. Die EM-2 wird darauf ausgelegt sein.

    Viele Grüße

    EM-1 User

  5. Jonathan,

    While debugging the new firmware, I found this:

    0x0051131F:HDMI 1080i 50Hz open

    Could it be that 50 fields (25 frames) recording is implemented but not enabled yet in this firmware version?

    1. Thanks for the tool. Experiencing the same issue. Upgrading from 1.4 – 2.0 using your program, there was an OK screen on my camera (e-m1). Downgrading from 2.0 – 1.4 there also was a an OK screen on my camera.

      But now upgrading with either the Olympus updater or with your program, there no longer is an OK screen.

      And it won't upgrade back to 2.0. I left the camera connected for 10min.

      Another note is when you press the menu button all the menus except the "Playback Menu" and "Setup Menu" are missing the blue backdrop image (with the gears). The text is now overlaying a black screen.

    2. Sorry I forgot to mention I did try that with the 2.0 download I was able to get with your program but it would not work.

      I tried it now with the firmware on mega upload (the one provided in the tutorial) and it works.

      Thanks, I assumed the olympus download and the tutorial version were the same.