Olympus Online Firmware Update Tool

I created a simple online tool too help you update your camera.
It keeps you in control of what firmware your cameras has. May is be a down and upgrade – with a downloaded firmware file it is easier and more secure to install than with the official updater!

Link to the online tool

It supports all the current OM-D models, most of the PEN series and the last Stylus. Basically every camera I could think of which a update was provided for. If your model is missing write me a short mail here. It also provides a number of questions regarding this process. Don’t tend to ask if yours is not answered.

A screenshot of the update tool

I will try to expend this as I can. All the possible coming hacked firmwares will be available.
This also replaces the old firmware update tool for Windows.

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22 thoughts on “Olympus Online Firmware Update Tool

  1. Simple but great tool that will help to find correct firmware. Now we also have a repository so all updates are in one place and in future maybe we can even select your modifications from this list. 🙂 I am eagerly waiting to see your future ideas and mods for OM-D.
    Great work, Jonathan!

  2. I have only Olympus bodies (OM-D E-M10 and Pen E-PM2). Is there a way to do firmware upgrades of lenses (Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma) via SD card, without USB-connecting the camera and without Windows/Mac tool? Your web tool only upgrades bodies.

  3. 1. Is this dangerous?
    You write:

    No it's not (dangerous). If you follow the tutorial it's almost impossible to fail.
    But nothing in life is 100% save."

    Cannot find a link to the tutorial?…

  4. Hi,

    Thanks. I was able to upgrade the firmware on my OM-D E-M5 Mii using your 4.1 file and instructions. However, at least for me, I had to format the SD card in the camera first, then on my PC, create the folder and then copy and rename the .bin file on the SD card. Then, I was able to upgrade the firmware from the camera.

    If I just formatted the SD card in my PC and made the folder and copied the .bin to the folder and then tried to upgrade the firmware from the SD card, when I powered the camera on, it would just act as normal, and wouldn’t attempt to upgrade the firmware at all. In other words, you probably should mention in your instructions to format the SD card in the camera.

    It finally worked, but was scary though :)…