Update News 17 //16.05.15

1. – 16.05.14 – E-M10 Raw files in Windows

  • I got my 6. E-M10 replacement and worked a little on the WiFi. There is a little ftp code in the firmware and I’m trying to get some coding running on the camera itself.
  • A few months ago I go my hands on a Sony a6000. I think that camera is definitely more hackable, since it runs Android 4.x. The only problem is to set up a fake app store and install an app, since the connection is SSL encrypted. But nothing unhackable here. Also a lot of people have a lot of knowledge on this topic.
  • I will be at “Gulaschprogrammiernacht 15” (gulas.ch), a German hacker convention located in Karlsruhe, Germany. If you want to have a talk or explore (and have) the Sony a6000 contact me!

Any questions?

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19 thoughts on “Update News 17 //16.05.15

  1. Hello and thank you for your work ! I really hope to see the same video features for the e-m10 . It will make it the cheapest and smallest stabilized body with full sensor readout for video ! And if you can unlock 4K and at least 24/25p and 60fps in 1080p : houuraa !!!

    Keep up the great work !

  2. Hello Jonathan , i just saw your video test in 25p mode ! I see that the Ibis doesn't seems to work when the hack is enable , can you confirm that ? Thank you !

  3. IBIS works, but the video was apparently captured with a 25p sensor read-out, in-camera encoded to a 30p movie and then conformed in editing to 24p. Causing a big framerate mess. The pan and zoom look shaky because frames were dropped when conforming from 30p > 24p. It would be interesting to analyse the original 30p movie. Maybe Nabil can upload it to WeTransfer?

    1. You came all the way here to tell something that you don't know.
      How desperate you are ?

      Sensor control at 25fps
      Internal encoding at 30fps
      conform it at 25fps

      It is not 30fps in reality, in reality the sensor read 25fps and the internal encoder bring a false 30fps.

      Don't whine too much. Are you jealous ?

    2. The first step is to change the sensor control (so it can read at random frame)
      This part is more easier than the internal encoding, the internal encoding part need a rewriting code to call this function (we need a call function for that), but before that you need to find where the 30p code was write, even we have the decrypted firmware, they are still a lot of hiding stuff there that need to be translated (not decrypted, translate)
      Olympus add a lot of specific process but lock it, don't ask me why, i don't know.

    3. I wouldn't expect anything different. You know better than me how hard firmware development is, and companies need to take measures against industrial espionage… this is where you may get some help from people with specific experience in the matter (the people behind Magic Lantern and the GH2 hack). Best of luck!

    1. I'm pretty sur the guy running this blog is in good faith, It's this Nabil Fathil dude who's a massive fraud and just wanted to make some publicity for his website. His twitter feed is not even about video stuff anymore and he deleted all his tweet about the EM-1.

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    I'm very sorry to hear that you are having so many issues with your E-M10 unit. Did I just read correctly it's your 5th unit?! If that's true it's nearly impossible and surely just out of anyones mind!!!

    I own my E-M10 for no more than 2 months and in this time I shot only ~2000 photos, but so far I haven't had any issues and I just love this little camera. However, I do understand that you use your unit in a bit different way, probably experimenting a lot and reverse-engineering the firmwares, so it must be more prone to defects.

    I wanted to thank you for your time with this camera. I would of course love to see you continue your development for this model, but I can not put any pressure on you as I understand it's not fun anymore to work with faulty equipment. So, whatever your decision is, thank you once again and hopefully with a bit of luck I will hear from you again. 🙂

    All the best,

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes it is my 6. replacement, added by 5 repairs. Almost everything can break in this camera. For now I will stay, but I'm not sure if something breaks again.